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15th Floor Elevator lobby with entrance to Culinary Gallery.
The new Culinary Gallery is currently a back hallway used for storage
and will be turned into a member area.

The next iteration of enhancements are aimed at further improving Member experience and bringing the Club - now 60 years young - fully up to 21st century quality dining standards, while exceeding Member expectations will be taking place in the summer of 2024 and the summer of 2025 to ensure the Club does not close and members continue to have access to the amenities they love.

Chef Bannan’s Culinary Gallery will be additional member space and amenities. This addition will be done in conjunction with the 15th Floor kitchen renovation. Chef Bannan and his accomplished team are prepared to provide significantly enhanced culinary options and dining experiences, an interactive Chef’s Table, a Members’ bakery and barista station, specially-curated foods, personalized wine selections and lockers but, ultimately, a Club that fulfills its distinction as among the most prestigious of the nation and world.

Culinary Gallery with Dry Aged Beef display, wine lockers and more.
This hallway is currently a storage area behind the scenes.


Wine Experience to include wine lockers and wine tastings

Please note that these photos are renderings and may be different upon the conclusion of the renovation