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Join Baltimore City's Five-Star Platinum Club

The Center Club is ranked among the top 5% of all private clubs in the country and has been named a Top 100 City Club of the World. Our Platinum Club status comes from providing the most premium, personalized experience for dining, socializing, and doing business in the region. Belonging to The Center Club means joining a place where everyone knows your name – and your preferences.

Our history makes the Club a unique place to join. The Center Club was founded in the early '60s as the only private club in the area to allow all individuals, no matter their race, religion, creed, or gender, the opportunity to gather together in a private setting to dine. Today, we have a vibrant and diverse membership that remains committed to its founding values of inclusion and excellence. We recognize the value of belonging to a Club that helps you experience the best at work or at play.



How To Become A Member

To be considered for membership, you must submit an application with the signatures of a proposer and seconder. The Board of Governors approves all applications at the beginning of each month. Applicants pay a one-time initiation fee. Annual dues cover January through December and are paid upon approval along with the initiation fee. Once approved, you will be notified and may begin using the Club.


How To Propose a New Member

If you would like to propose a family member, friend or colleague for membership to the Club, invite them to fill out our Membership Inquiry Form, sign up for one of our Prospective Member Open Houses or have them contact Michelle Dase, Associate Director of Membership Development, at [email protected] to have an application sent to them.


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Membership Classifications

The Center Club offers numerous Classifications of Membership depending on age, proximity to the Club and Individual (personal) vs. Entity (transferable). Non-Resident members must BOTH work and live 25 miles from City Hall. Once a Junior or Intermediate member reaches the maximum age for their category, they will automatically move to the next class. Once a Retired 65 member reaches 75, they will automatically move to the next class. We offer three types of Retired Memberships (Resident, Non-Resident and 75). Once a member retires from business and reaches the age of 65, they may apply to switch their classification. Members may also apply for Non-Resident status if their situation changes and they now live and work further than 25 miles from City Hall.

View our full list of membership classifications below.

Membership Classes

Individual Memberships

  • Resident (Members aged 40 and over who live or work within 25 miles)
  • Intermediate (Members aged 30–39)
  • Junior (Members aged 21–29)
  • Non-Resident (Members who live AND work outside of 25 miles)
  • Retired Resident 65 (Must be retired, 65–74 years of age and live within 25 miles)
  • Retired Non-Resident 65 (Must be retired, 65–74 years of age and live outside of 25 miles)
  • Retired 75 (Must be retired and 75 years of age and older)
  • After Five (access to the Club is limited to after 5 PM plus additional limitations)

Entity Memberships

Entity memberships belong to the entity. If the individual leaves the entity, the entity may choose a replacement individual for that membership. The individual no longer holds a membership but may elect to be an individual member by paying all applicable fees.

  • Corporate / Firm / Institutional
  • Government / Nonprofit
  • Intermediate (Member age 30–39)
  • Junior (Member age 21–29)
  • Non-Resident Entity

* Individual & Entity Memberships may be paid by individuals or entities

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Attend an Open House

The Center Club hosts monthly Open Houses for prospective members. This is a great way to tour the club, meet our membership, and decide for yourself if belonging to The Center Club is right for you. View our upcoming Open House dates below and register for one by clicking the button below or by visiting our Open House page.

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Upcoming Open House Dates:

Thursday, August 8
5:30 - 7 PM

Tuesday, September 17
5:30 - 7 PM

Tuesday, October 8
5:30 - 7 PM

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Noreen Frenaye

Director of Membership & Marketing

[email protected]


Michelle Dase

Associate Director of Membership Development

[email protected]


Emily Ober

Member Services Coordinator

[email protected]