Main Dining Room

Enjoy the contemporary Main Dining Room with The Center Club's renowned panoramic views of Baltimore's Inner Harbor and beyond. Lunch and dinner guests experience an exemplary level of service and hospitality, the assurance of immediate seating and luxurious dining in a private atmosphere. The room shows off its character with walls dressed in wood paneling, Maryland prints and paintings, etched-glass walls and stylish furnishings. The formal, traditional layout of the dining room ensures privacy, whatever your occasion. Seating and service are performed with punctuality and grace, accommodating your schedule. 

Please note: Shorts, t-shirts or sneakers are not permitted on the 15th floor. Dress denim is allowed and a jacket is not required.  View Center Club Dress Code

The discreet passing of papers is allowed in the Main Dining Room. Only hand-held communication devices may be used silently in the Main Dining Room.

Reservations for the Main Dining Room are requested.

Tuesday - Friday
11:30 AM - 3 PM

5 PM - 9 PM

5 PM - 9 PM